Our experienced administration staff can give you all the help you need to lodge your insurance claim, from conducting a fair and reasonable quote on damage to handling negotiations with your insurance provider.

Our goal is to ensure your accident inconveniences you as little as possible.

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After a serious crash, the structural framework of your vehicle, or chassis, may be bent out of shape. This can adversely affect your vehicle’s handling, or make driving unsafe or even impossible.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest in chassis measurement and alignment tools from Car-O-Liner, allowing us to compare your vehicle’s current state to its factory specifications and more accurately repair your vehicle to a pre-accident condition.

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Our team of professional panel repairers will clear up all manner of panel damage, from dents and abrasions to large-scale rust removal and anything in between.

We can also provide replacement panel pieces in instances of major damage, ordering only from the most trusted suppliers to ensure you’re happy with your vehicle when you drive away.

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In most cases of minor panel damage, such as a car park bump or hailstone damage, only the metal is actually damaged, with the layer of paint over the top unharmed. Nonetheless, many workshops will insist on removing the paint to repair the metal, adding a costly spray painting job to your repair bill.

Using speciality tools, our team are able to use paintless dent repair on your vehicle, where we smooth out warped metal while leaving the paint intact, saving you hundreds of dollars on your repairs.

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We stock only the highest quality automotive paints from Spies Hecker, which our in-house colour matching technology can combine into a mix that perfectly suits your vehicle’s existing car colour.

Your paint is then applied in one of our state of the art downdraft spray booths, ensuring minimal air contaminants and wind disturbance for the smoothest, most even possible coat.

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At Brady’s Body Works we believe that taking care of the little details and leaving our customers completely satisfied with their purchase. That’s why we offer complimentary detailing with each repair job.

Every vehicle that leaves our workshop is treated to a complete interior and exterior detailing, including a car wash and thorough vacuum.

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For our differently-abled customers we stock a range of modifications and accessories to make driving easier for you, including:

  • Wheelchair lifts, loaders, stowing solutions, restraint systems, side turnout systems and Carony systems
  • Pedal extensions, left-side and hand-control accelerators and indicators
  • Various driving aids, from steering assist to handbrake and seatbelt assist
  • Driving school secondary controls
  • And much, much more

To find out more about our mobility and accessibility products, modifications and services, talk to one of our experts today!

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Our team of trained professionals will install your new or hired car restraints, providing your most precious cargo with the highest level of safety in accordance with Australian standards.

We’ll also prioritise ensuring you fully understand how your child restraint works, and how to keep the equipment in the best possible condition, covering restraint belt heights, daily inspection checklists and more, ensuring your complete peace of mind.

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